Now this is a very simple put very powerful culture hack. How many times a day do your people answer the telephone at the office to the outside world? Probably in the hundreds, don’t let this culture hack opportunity go to waste by answering in the usual corporately lame way like ‘Good afternoon (insert company name) how can I direct your call?’

This is such a great opportunity to show case your culture by coming up with a script that better reflects who you are. At Jetts we wanted to brighten up people’s day by saying something different to what they were expecting, we also wanted something that represented what we are all about, fitness! So we had a brain storm and came up with this…

‘Good morning, welcome to Jetts – How can I move you?’

We then produced a short video to launch this new way to answer the phone to all of our teams so they knew what to do.

It felt a little weird at first answering the phone and asking how we could move people but we soon got into the swing of it, now its second nature. What is great is that it often provokes a response from people calling us who either have a giggle or come back with their own cheeky response.

This is now a part of the way we do things here at Jetts and we feel that the new way reflects our passion for fitness and our culture of having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.

So how do you answer the phone at your place of work? Can you think of a better script that reflects your culture?

How to culture hack your welcome message

  • Identify and engage your culture hackers
  • Brainstorm what message you would like to communicate in your answer script. What reflects your culture best? Is it fun and high energy or quiet and caring?
  • Try out a few different scripts to see what kind of a response you get
  • You could make it into a competition for all of your people to submit their own ideas of what it could be
  • Remember that some people adapt to change better than others so be patient and also be consistent
  • Lead from the front and make sure all of those in leadership positions also set the example
  • Catch people doing it right and reward behaviours conducive with the culture you are looking to grow

Happy hacking! Check out for more culture hacking ideas and articles



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